LNP to withdraw from Safe Schools Program

I am lucky to have had a great childhood. However, I still remember experiencing some bullying at school which many of us can probably also recount ourselves. Fortunately I was able to get over it whereas some kids can be really traumatised.

That's why it's such a shame that the ideologies pushing the "Safe Schools Program" material, who are more bent on social engineering and pushing gender theory, are doing such a disservice to the majority of kids who experience bullying and who do need help.

I've had mums and dads contact me with concerns over the Safe Schools program, which goes way beyond an anti-bullying program with sexually inappropriate material. 

If elected at the next state election, the LNP will withdraw from the Safe Schools Program and will develop a new anti-bullying resource for Queensland schools developed in consultation with teachers, parents and educational experts and child psychologists.  More information about this policy is available online at http://www.betterqueensland.org.au/withdrawing-from-safe-schools.

Last year I wrote to the State Minister for Education to raise some serious concerns about the content of the program and the age-appropriateness of some materials but was disappointed with the response I received with the State Labor Government refusing to reveal which schools were using the material or address questions about the material.

I am not aware of local schools using the material but I would suggest you talk to your school’s principal to make your views known too and ask what material they are using.

You may also wish to write to the Minister for Education, the Hon Kate Jones to let her know your views on this program.  Her email address is: education@ministerial.qld.gov.au. Send me a copy too at Maroochydore@parliament.qld.gov.au


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